We are the proud members of PRPARI. We have joined to serve the people of our communities while preserving our Spanish language, and our culture! We believe in our mission! Collaborative work and partnerships are fundamental to our success. We take pride in our integrity and our love for humanity. We believe that empathy and

philanthropy can coexist within the world of enterprises, where human values degrade amidst competition for resources. We also believe that any sacrificed small contributions, monetary or intellectual, individual or as a consortium, can help paint the picture of human dreams.

PRPARI members are team players who proudly take on roles, sometimes as project leaders, other times as support comrades, always flexible and ready to take on tasks. We are loyal, humble, sincere and just. Everyone shares ideas in our organization. Our membership body is diverse, with representation from various occupations, educational levels, skills set, backgrounds, hobbies and personal experiences, making our teamwork rich and profound! We value contributions by all- adepts and learners! We are united in love for our island, love for our country, love for two cultures and languages. We volunteer because we empathize. We help because we are grateful. We share because few understand the blessings and struggles of ethnic identity and bilingualism in a dynamic, competitive world.

As of our personas… Respectfully, without pretentions, we are like the stroke of a José Campeche entwined in a Francisco Oller, yet gifting the lines and expressions of a Rafael Tufiño, to stamp contemporary sights- everlasting image of past, present and future, that helps others’ visions as they craft and paint their own paths, together revealing subject matters and peripherals, as in pointillism in modern dialogical art… Yes. Simple and elaborate, and we admire it all!

Our members work as part of strategic teams that focus on creating rewarding educational, social and cultural learning experiences for the community. We are the proud members of PRAPARI. We are an association. We are the hallmark of our organization!

We are PRPARI.

Written by: René Viera

Scholarship Director