The Puerto Rican Professional Association was founded in November 2015 to honor our past, transform our present and lead our future.

Our Mission

The mission of the Puerto Rican Professional Association of Rhode Island (PRPARI) is to establish a community platform in Rhode Island where Puerto Rican American youth and professionals join efforts in support of our citizens and our culture.  The PRPARI members will provide empowerment opportunities and professional services to Puerto Rican American citizens in order to promote occupational mobility. We wish to raise cultural awareness, while recognizing the contributions of Puerto Rican Americans here in the State of Rhode Island.  We believe that language is fundamental to personal success, career advancement and identity; therefore, we support enhancement of English and Spanish language skills. Analytical, problem-solving and public-speaking skills are essential instruments for the effective delivery of ideas, and for embarking on leadership roles.  We support our youth by promoting the acquisition of such skills through community engagement. It is our philosophy that all Puerto Rican American citizens can contribute to the workforce and society, if equipped with educational, career, professional development opportunities tailored to their needs.


Our Vision

Our vision at the Puerto Rican Professional Association of Rhode Island (PRPARI) is to continue to preserve and serve the Puerto Rican American community in the State of Rhode Island as our communities evolve. 

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Our Team


Ivette Sollivan 


Shirley X.





Exec. Secretary

Maria (Yisne)